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For any business trip, you and your colleagues can consider our corporate travel service for quick transportation.

We place a high value on punctuality and reliability – making sure you’re able to walk out of the airport and straight to your chauffeur . We also provide live updates via text message to your phone with the status of the chauffeur’s trip. We believe that clear, frequent communication is essential to great service.


CLIENT SERVICE: We make our chauffeurs knowledgeable enough about every surrounding area to get you to your destination quickly; plus, they also carry training in reading verbal and non-verbal questions to assist you fully.

SAFETY: Every chauffeur is selected by taking several driving tests and checking clear driving records to deliver high safety standards.

PRIVACY: All of our chauffeurs are approved after signing the Non-Disclosure Agreement, which ensures that they’ll hold every conversation in strict confidence which will take place in the car.

There’s nothing to worry even if your flight schedule suddenly changes or you make some changes to your travel plans because our 24 hours live dispatcher tracks every flight timing, and we send the driver before your arrival.


Bee Black Car is a secure and efficient platform that allows travel agents to quickly book vehicles at competitive prices. Car services can be added into your offerings for your clients, allowing them to customize their travel experience and add flexibility to their trips. A comprehensive network of different vehicles gives you access to a wide range of travel options according to your plans. We never compromised on taking care of VIPs and co-workers. Our service is designed to save travel agents time, money and hassle, while providing quality services and unbeatable value.


Our vehicles are luxury and modified including sedans, SUVs and sprinter vans.

  • Sedans and SUVs have the seating capacity for more than 3 persons
  • Sprinter Vans offer seating capacity for 14 persons

Every vehicle contains GPS Tracking System, USB Charger, AC/Heater, Amended Interior, Leather Seats, Room For Cargo and Unparalleled Convenience. We regularly inspect and maintain our vehicles to ensure safety and peak performance.

If you’re looking for transport needs for a large group then be happy to know that we can also arrange that for you. Booking our fleet vehicles is a decision you won’t regret.


The auto glass, power door locks, car alarms and airbags incorporated in our automobiles are best to deliver a protective environment. Our fleet only has the brand new models as well as 1 or 2 years old models.

Let’s become long term partners for your every corporate trip around the whole bay area in San Francisco to get service which will exceed your expectations.

Click in the below booking section and select the ride exactly according to your preference. If you still need any other assistance you can contact us anytime.